8 Days to Life

MAR 18 - MAR 26

Bliss Out Retreats is thrilled to announce our Adventure Yoga Holiday in Morocco! Explore the bustling city of Marrakech, visit the coastal gem of Essaouira, and discover the magic of the Agafay Desert on this 9-night luxury ultra inclusive tour. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, and this retreat will delve into how the 8 Limbs of Yoga can help you live your own best life. 

from $5,750 $5,650 per person
(offer valid thru January 31, 2019)

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The Setting

An intoxicating fusion of vibrant medinas, breathtaking mountains and an awe-inspiring desert. Morocco’s blend of diverse cultures and landscapes is as romantic as it is compelling. A gateway to Africa from Europe, it is where ancient Berber, Roman, Arab, Spanish and French history meet and mix to create something uniquely alluring.

Morocco’s cultural treasures and heritage are intricately woven into the fabric of its society today. Dazzle your senses while browsing the spice markets and labyrinth-like souks, then go on to explore golden dunes and tranquil palm groves. The country wakes up with the beginning of spring, when the mountains thaw and wildflowers and almond and cherry trees blossom. 

This retreat will guide you effortlessly to Morocco through its unique landscapes, cultures, and tastes while supporting your inward journey with 8 Steps to Life.

What You Get

The Ultra Inclusive Approach to Travel


It all starts at The St. Regis Bal Harbour with our exclusive Pre-Flight Mixer and champagne toast


Round trip airfare and luxury airport transfers, including all transportation throughout the trip


Stay in private luxury accommodations throughout the trip, including 3 delicious Moroccan meals daily


Enjoy 3 Moroccan and Mediterranean meals daily with lunch and dinner out at select local restaurants


Discover the best of what Morocco has to offer with daily excursions with certified tour guides


Learn the 8 Limbs of Yoga each of which offers guidance on how to live a meaningful and purposeful life


Enjoy daily Yoga classes with the breathtaking backdrop of medinas, souks, and the Atlas Mountains


Receive a FREE copy of “8 Steps to Life” by Iana Sundari, including the accompanying workbook journal


Iana Sundari will guide you through daily meditations to prepare your mind and focus your intentions

Hammam Spa

2 complimentary 60-minute hammam spa treatments to rejuvenate the body during your travels


On our Day of Service, we'll volunteer with a charity empowering disadvantaged Moroccan women


We'll take photos so you can relax and enjoy the retreat, and send them to you after we return


$5,750 $5,650 per person

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$6,250 $6,150 per person

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This experience sweeps you away to relax and indulge in a faraway oasis lush with history amidst the magic of the North African desert

Your Teachers




Iana Sundari Malcolm was raised by her Yoga loving parents, between New York City and Yogaville, an ashram in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. In her early 20’s Iana left a successful career in Public Relations to follow her passion for all things Wellness. Since then she has traveled the world teaching Hatha Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Post Labor Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Meditation. She is an ERYT-500 level teacher and a Yoga Teacher Trainer. Outside of Yoga, Iana is a birth Doula and works as a Community Manager for The Dinner Party, an organization dedicated to those who have suffered significant loss. A foodie, a dog lover and a fan of all things wine, Iana is thrilled to be leading this retreat!




Alyssa is an E-RYT Yoga Teacher, Continuing Education Provider, Reiki Level One Practitioner, and Owner of Bend & Breathe Yoga Studio in Hollywood, Florida. Along with working full time as a business owner and instructor, Alyssa has created and developed a Pediatric Patient Yoga Program at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital and dedicates hours each week to assisting Palliative Care patients in Integrative Therapies tailored to each individual need. Additionally, she works with Post-Natal Women's Support groups, providing bilingual Beginning Yoga Classes and with Toddlers ages 1- 4 in introducing yoga basics for children. Alyssa's main form of Asana practice is Ashtanga Yoga and she is currently working her way through Intermediate Series, while teaching her students Primary Series with a heavy focus on Alignment and Adjustment. Although her passion is the Ashtanga Lineage, she enjoys teaching Vinyasa Flow, Hot Yoga, Chair Yoga and Yin Yoga. Her practice as a teacher and a student grows more fluid and intricate with each day and she owes everything she's learned about herself and her yoga practice to her dedicated students.

The Retreat

Pre-Flight Mixer

We will meet at 5:00pm on Monday, March 18, 2018 at The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort for a Pre-Flight Mixer. Enjoy a few light bites while we reveal the final surprise details of what's awaiting you on the retreat! Oh, and we'll have a champagne toast right before we leave. The hotel does not offer long term parking, so we suggest getting dropped off or taking a Lyft or Uber.


We will take a private luxury shuttle bus from the Pre-Flight Mixer in Bal Harbour to Miami International Airport. 

Your round trip airfare from Miami to Marrakech, Morocco connecting in Madrid, Spain (including all taxes and fees) is covered. Get your passport ready to be stamped! This is also a good time to sign up for TSA Pre and download the Mobile Passport App to help you breeze through customs.

Private transportation from Marrakesh Menara Airport to the resort, just 30 minutes away. Relax in your seat as the guide introduces you to Morocco.

Private daily transportation to restaurants and excursions with a local tour guide.



The concept of “8 Limbs” comes from the Sanskrit term Ashtanga. The Eight Limbs of Yoga are core principles that serve as a compass for living a meaningful and purposeful life. Each day of this retreat will focus on one of the 8 Limbs, and will include talks and activities to reinforce the day's lesson.

Hatha Yoga is the physical practice of Yoga. During daily talks, you'll immerse yourself in Raja Yoga. Raja means "royal," and meditation is the focal point of this branch of yoga. This approach involves strict adherence to the eight "limbs" of yoga as outlined by Patanajli in the Yoga Sutra. Iana Sundari will lead you through Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, and break it down for you so that you can return home Educated and Empowered to create the life of your dreams!

Fire allows for rapid transformation in shifting our energy and in spiritual awakening. It provides the avenue to let go of the old story and drama, to transform, to renew and to be reborn. Through fire ceremony, you honor your lessons and old belief structures by placing them in the fire and turning them over to the Universe. By releasing these old patterns and beliefs into the fire, you heal deeply at the level of the soul.

Your closing evening will include a Bhakti Fire Puja. These ceremonies are devotional Fire Pujas that honor the soul through the repetition of Vedic Mantras and the singing of devotional songs. Offerings of rice, sesame and sugar are offered to the Fire in the process.


You will receive luxury accommodations throughout the retreat in Marrakech, Essaouira, and the Agafay Desert (Madrid too). Choose from single occupancy rooms for yourself, or a double occupancy if you would like to share rooms with a friend or loved one.


With its rich atmosphere, fascinating history and rich Berber culture, the city of Marrakesh encapsulates what draws people from around the world to Morocco. Near one thousand year old red walls surround the historic medina, with monumental gates leading through to a warren of winding alleys. It’s here you’ll find Marrakesh’s vibrant souks, markets and artisan workshops selling fragrant spices, leather-ware, jewelry, Berber carpets, spices, fabrics, lamps, pottery and more.

La Villa des Orangers is ideally located for visiting all the wonders Marrakesh has to offer. The hotel is at the foot of the Koutoubia Mosque, 5 minutes from the souks, and halfway between the Royal Palace and the famous Jemaa El Fna Square, which in 2001 was listed at an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco.


Head to the coast to be cooled by the Atlantic breeze and two nights in the old port of Essaouira. Nicely laid back and touch bohemian, be guided around the city’s seaside medina, wander endless beaches and discover the beautiful countryside close by.

The Heure Bleue Palais is not an ordinary hotel, it is a house steeped in history served by a welcoming staff. The hotel welcomes you to Essaouira like a pearl in its exceptional setting. We will enjoy this superb riad at the heart of the bay of ancient Mogador, a member of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux Association.


Agafay Desert is a rough, dry, moon-like expanse southwest of Marrakesh down the Route d'Amizmiz. Marrakshis come to the desert for horse-riding, dune-gazing and canoeing on Lalla Takerkoust, a man-made reservoir. In spring, wheat and wildflowers predominate, while in summer and autumn it really does look like the desert.

Agafay Desert Luxury Camp is a peaceful retreat alongside an oasis of olive trees. This resort offers simple luxury in the Berber tradition, with thousands of candles to create a magical atmosphere, exquisite meals served under tents, and breathtaking views of the surrounding desert.


Enjoy 3 delicious meals per day throughout the retreat included in your package. Breakfasts will be served fresh at the hotel, and we will visit world-renowned Moroccan restaurants for lunch and dinner.   

Know that you're in for a gastronomical treat. The food of Morocco ranks high on lists of the world's best cuisines and is well worth exploring. You won't be disappointed with the incredible variety, exotic seasoning and innovative ingredient combinations that await you.

A few of the restaurants on our itinerary are Al Fassia Gueliz, Le Salama, and Taros.


Enjoy a relaxed approach to the Ashtanga practice, along with Guided Deep Relaxation sessions that will unfold over your 8 Days of Life. And remember, this is YOUR trip! You get to decide which classes you want to participate in and which ones you prefer to sleep through.

Guided Meditation

On each step of this journey, Iana will guide you through a different Meditation technique. You’ll leave Morocco with 8 mindful lessons for a more peaceful life.


The following excursions are included, and you may choose which ones you want to attend.

Explore ancient souks on a walking tour of Marrakech markets, and practice your bargaining skills in a labyrinth of vivid stalls and tiny shops. Delve into the narrow lanes and alleys of the medina, past food shops and tearooms that are the bustling heart of Marrakech’s life. Shop for traditional handicrafts, rich fabric and aromatic spices, then navigate the vibrant Jemaa el Fna, past juice sellers and snake charmers, dancing monkeys, magicians and hucksters; immerse yourself in the scents and sights of the 'ochre city.' 

This Private guided city tour of the old town is a great way to discover the old Medina. It provides the complete insight into the history and significance of the sites you visit. The history of the places will be explained to you thoroughly. The tour will be enriched with great tips on where to eat the local food and how to move around in and out of the old Marrakesh Medina. We are committed to providing you with a highly qualified tour guide who will answer all your questions about the city’s history, culture’s backdrop and much more. 

The irresistible atmosphere of Jemaa el Fna souk is further highlighted by the maze of stalls, which after the dark, presents a pleasant environment for exploration. With the presence of a personal guide that keeps you safe and on track, you can rest assured of a rewarding night venture, including rich tastes of indigenous and international foods, good music, and great dances that you can't get before sunset.

With its bold blue color scheme, towering palms, and gigantic cacti, set around pools of water lilies and gardens filled with exotic plants, the Majorelle Garden (Jardin Majorelle) is one of the most idyllic spots in Marrakech. Owned by designer Yves Saint Laurent, it’s also one of the city’s most visited attractions.

Discover a uniquely Moroccan product, argan oil, on a private visit to one of the region’s top cooperatives. See how this culinary and beauty staple is produced from the thorny argan tree, learn how the tree helps protect Moroccan soils from turning into desert, and hear about its conditioning and hydrating powers. You can also buy argan oil at the source, at better prices than in the tourist shops. 

Experience Essaouira’s most distinctive food and art on a walking tour of the medina’s rich history and vibrant culture. Sample traditional sweets at the city’s oldest pastry shop and stroll the fortifications with a local guide and follow the winding lanes of a neighborhood souk to artists’ studios and workshops. Dine alongside locals as you enjoy freshly-caught fish from the Essaouira Bay, savor a sweet dessert then learn local remedies in a herbalist’s shop over a traditional glass of Moroccan tea. 

Get a first-hand peek at indigenous Moroccan culture with a guided visit to a Berber village. Venture deep into the stunning countryside, with stops at traditional Berber homes. Discover the expansive Agafay desert, meet and ride a camel, enjoy a cup of mint tea, and enjoy an authentic local dinner. 



It's our pleasure is to assist each guest personally by arranging tours, making spa reservations, and interacting with the resort and local vendors. If you have WhatsApp, you will be given our personal numbers so you can reach us day or night for any requests or questions you have during the retreat.

Hammam Spa

Enjoy traditional Moroccan treatments, renowned around the world for its revitalizing properties. The traditional Hammam spreads its warmth through the walls of black marble in an intimate environment where the atmosphere is conducive to utter relaxation. In the region of essential oils and Argan, precious interludes of wellbeing are offered around the tradition of Hammam and massages. This intimate space features two treatment rooms revolving around scrubs, wraps, massages and various treatments with essential oils and natural products.

Choose from any one of the many available spa treatments included in the price of your retreat. Should you wish to indulge in more than one session, your Bliss Out Retreats Concierge will be happy to book that for you.


A photograph can offer a unique glimpse into an experience, and awaken our most poignant memories. And while it’s essential to document these moments, we think sometimes it needs to be experienced without the interruption of capturing it on camera or smartphone. It’s with this notion in mind that we offer to photograph you and all of the retreat's memorable moments so you don't have to.

Once you have returned home, you’ll receive your unique photo album of your retreat. Something to show the family, your friends and just about everyone who will lend their eyes.


As we travel the world, we are mindful of how fortunate we are to live in a place filled with such beauty and awe. We consider ourselves caretakers of the planet, and on every retreat we do something as a group to help promote a healthy environment or give our support to a nearby community in need. During this retreat, guests are invited to volunteer at Amal Women's Training Center, an organization dedicated to the empowerment of disadvantaged women.


Bliss Out Retreats is giving each guest a $200 credit on any of our future retreats anywhere in the world! You'll also receive exclusive discounts and freebies from other local sponsors.

Join us on this luxury ultra-inclusive adventure!

Choose a Room

The Itinerary

subject to change


5:00pm - Pre-Flight Mixer (1h 30m)
6:30pm - Shuttle to Miami airport (30m)
8:30pm - Flight to Madrid (8h 30m)


10:00am - Layover in Madrid (1h 25m)
11:25am - Flight to Marrakech (2h 5m)
2:00pm - Shuttle to Hotel (30m)
2:30pm - Check-in at Hotel (30m)
3:00pm - Welcome Ceremony (1h)
4:00pm - Step 1 Dharma Talk (30m)
4:30pm - Group Yoga (1h)
6:30pm - Dinner (2h)


7:00am - Guided Meditation (30m)
7:30am - Breakfast (1h 30m)
9:00am - Jemaa el Fna Market Tour (4h)
1:00pm - Lunch (1h 30m)
4:00pm - Step 2 Dharma Talk (30m)
4:30pm - Group Yoga (1h)
6:30pm - Dinner (2h)


7:00am - Guided Meditation (30m)
7:30am - Breakfast (1h 30m)
9:00am - Ancient Medina Tour (4h)
1:00pm - Lunch (1h 30m)
4:00pm - Step 3 Dharma Talk (30m)
4:30pm - Group Yoga (1h)
6:30pm - Souk by Night Tour (2h)


7:00am - Guided Meditation (30m)
7:30am - Breakfast (1h 30m)
9:00am - Majorelle Garden Tour (2h)
11:00am - Amal Women's Training Center Volunteering (2h)
1:00pm - Lunch (1h 30m)
4:00pm - Step 4 Dharma Talk (30m)
4:30pm - Group Yoga (1h)
6:30pm - Dinner (2h)


7:00am - Guided Meditation (30m)
7:30am - Breakfast (1h 30m)
9:00am - Shuttle to Essaouira (2h)
11:00am - Argan Oil Factory Tour (1h)
12:00pm - Essaouira Walking Tour (1h)
1:00pm - Lunch (1h 30m)
2:30pm - Check-in at Hotel (30m)
4:00pm - Step 5 Dharma Talk (30m)
4:30pm - Group Yoga (1h)
6:30pm - Dinner (2h)


7:00am - Guided Meditation (30m)
7:30am - Breakfast (1h 30m)
9:00am - Hammam Spa Treatment (1h scheduled)
1:00pm - Lunch (1h)
2:00pm - Hammam Spa Treatment (1h scheduled)
6:00pm - Step 6 Dharma Talk (30m)
6:30pm - Dinner (2h)


7:00am - Guided Meditation (30m)
7:30am - Breakfast (1h 30m)
10:00am - Shuttle to Agafay Desert (3h)
1:00pm - Lunch at Berber Village (2h)
2:30pm - Check-in at Hotel (30m)
4:00pm - Step 7 Dharma Talk (30m)
4:30pm - Group Yoga (1h)
6:30pm - Dinner (2h)


7:00am - Guided Meditation (30m)
7:30am - Breakfast (1h 30m)
9:00am - Step 8 Dharma Talk (30m)
12:00pm - Shuttle to Marrakech Airport (30m)
2:20pm - Flight to Madrid (2h)
5:00pm - Shuttle to Hotel (30m)
5:30pm - Check-in at Hotel (30m)
9:30am - Shuttle to Madrid Airport (30m)
12:00pm - Flight to Miami (9h 55m)

We designed the retreat to awaken with mindful meditation, engage in light activity during the day, participate in thoughtful discussions in the afternoons, and relax and unwind in the evenings.

Nothing on the itinerary is mandatory (except for the flights!), and we allowed plenty of time for you to be on your own, or to sleep in if you want to.

We believe in holistic learning, so this retreat is designed to integrate the principles of Ashtanga into your life through deep discussions and reinforcing excursions, group activities, and Yoga movements. This retreat will expanded your practice and give you the confidence that you have the tools for Life no matter what this crazy world throws at you!


Reserve your package today from $5,750 $5,650 per person (offer valid thru January 31, 2019). We can't wait to retreat with you on this Ultra-Inclusive getaway!


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