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We help bring your stories about travel, wellness, and inspiration to the world through digital publishing.  And it only takes 1 week!

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what you get

Ultra Inclusive, just like our retreats

Layout & Cover Design

We create page and chapter layouts, and design a book cover that will attract readers.

Book Formatting

We properly format your manuscript for digital sale as ebooks and interactive PDFs.

ebook Listing

We expedite the publishing of your book on Amazon, Google Books and Apple iBooks.

Bliss Out store

We list your book in our online store, offering an 80% revenue share with authors.


We advertise your book and give you tips and tricks on how you can promote it.


We offer audiobook recording, illustration, paperback printing, proofreading and more.

all starting at only $400.00

Author Services

We offer the following add-on services to enhance your book:

•   Illustration
•   Proofreading
•   Editing
•   Audiobook recording
•   Paperback printing
•   Hardback printing
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What we publish

We publish fiction and non-fiction books primarily in the following genres:

•  Travel & Nomadic
•  Yoga & Wellness
•  Inspiration & Motivation
•  Female Empowerment
•  Black Youth
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